Waiting Dec. 1, In the case of Nong Cream Died from getting vaccinated for cervical cancer Let’s recapture responsibility.

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Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya – Father, Mother, Nong Kae, an 11-year-old daughter who died after treatment, met the medical team negotiations for the first time after the incident. Revealing information from vaccine experts on Dec. 1 to conclude again

In the event of the event, Mr. Surapot Sukka, 31 years old and Ms. Roongthip Thongpoon, 31 years old, could not be satisfied with their parents. The only daughter, Nong Khay or Lady Arisara Sukha, 11 years old, the school was vaccinated against cervical cancer. But the child has a high fever of 39 degrees and then has to rest and is still vaccinated Until the child was vomiting, angina, took him to the hospital, the doctor could not detect dengue To come back and recover Vomiting so heavy that it collapses and dies The family was believed to have died from vaccination on 31 August and the coffin was paraded to the Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Provincial Public Health Office. To ask for clarity on November 24, but did not resolve. There is an appointment to talk again today (27 Nov) with both the family, the younger, the deceased. And the department performing all duties Both the hospital where the younger man treated The hospital that was vaccinated on that day to talk to Jerejara together. As already reported

Recently, at the Maharat District Public Health Office, Maharaj District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, Mr. Surapoj Sukkha, 31 years old and Ms. Rungthip Thongpoon, 31 years old, with his family, accompanied by a sign and a picture of a younger brother, Cream, or Dr. Jarisara Sukha. 11-year-old who died to meet with the relevant authorities to negotiate as agreed upon

by Mr. Prakit Photoat, the head of the health insurance group, Mrs. Chalada Bunkasem, health insurance coordinator Head of another complaint agency Independent of the complaint under Section 50 (5) Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province Director of Maharaj Hospital Maharat District Public Health, all relevant parts of the Royal Thai Police, attended the meeting today Without allowing the media to record It took almost 4 hours to talk.

After the meeting, Mr. Prakit Phothart, Head of the Health Insurance Group Said after having finished discussion that Today we have to talk to understand. Empathize What kind of treatment does the hospital side have? Explained to the patient side to understand Because he understood that the patient’s side was damaged But the patient’s side did not understand some matters The doctor did not understand some things. So we came to understand And look at the problems in the future together Today, it is considered progress. There will be information from vaccine specialists. Which will be a meeting on Dec. 1 and will bring results to discuss in the next round. In which the next round will have some assistance Which did not point out who was wrong and who was right

Mr. Surapot Sukka, 31, and Ms. Roongthip Thongpoon, 31, father and mother, Kream, revealed after joining the negotiations That waiting for the results of this December 1 again Which today we get to know the reasons for the hospital and sanitation And the hospital and sanitation recognize our reasons What we think When talking, I feel good in part. But still not satisfied Because all our children died No responsibility has been released yet. Just come and talk to each other to understand how the treatment is. This was the first time I met with all the staff since the story of 89 days. Today, it just feels like sharing feelings.

Which is said to help in part But we don’t know what day But will as soon as possible to assist part Not in the part that someone will take responsibility Because we want a clear answer We kept the corpse for 100 days and then came out to tell the part of the treatment. In the performance part But still did not say which side was wrong No clarification yet No one is responsible for the death of our children. We still do not think of cremation of children. We will follow the story of our children. Let everything be clear As soon as possible first

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