Very beautiful. Mae Parade checks in “Thung of Margaret Flowers”, Noen Maprang in full bloom ready to receive tourists

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On 27 Nov 2020, the reporter reported that At Khao Noi 360 degrees, Moo 1, Ban Mung Subdistrict, Noen Maprang District, Phitsanulok Province Farmers adjusted the area from corn fields. The experimental planting flowers Margaret interspersed with flowers Cosmos. In an area of ​​more than 2 rai

During this period, the margaret flowers are blooming in indigo purple, waiting for tourists to visit the limestone mountains at Ban Mung, Noen Maprang District, Phitsanulok Province, where tourists constantly come and take pictures. With the back of a million-year-old stone paved mountain, very beautiful

Mrs. Pimnipa Meiboon, 50, said that she normally planted the cosmos. But this year we have started experimenting with growing beautiful purple margaret. In addition to the area in Tambon Ban Mung Noen Maprang District It is a community where the villagers are aware of tourist attractions. Causing new tourist spots to attract many tourists

As well as the ones who see the importance Thus creating a landmark for tourists to visit and take pictures with flowers, especially margaret and cosmos flowers, which will bloom alternately in the area. In addition to their area, there is only 1 distinctive limestone mountain, which we call Khao Noi as a highlight, thus allowing tourists to come up on the mountain. To come and watch the atmosphere of the morning sunrise and sunset in the evening beautifully

“In the midst of limestone mountains that are surrounded by a 360-degree circle, it is the only attraction for tourists to visit the limestone hills and flower fields. Is interesting Allowing tourists to take pictures The service charge is only 10 baht per person for the maintenance of the flower beds. ”

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