“Train Skating Rink”, the first model field in the middle of the city Can play without sneaking anymore Next week ready to try the board

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The dream of a skateboarder is coming true. The first model skateboarding rink in Bangkok after “Pol. Pol. Pongsakorn Khwanmuang”, the spokesperson of Bangkok Mahanakorn, sees the problem and the importance of skateboarding. Ready to support the youth And a group of skateboarders There has been a light, safe and suitable skating rink for people who love skate at “Suan Rod Fai” or “Suan Wachira Benchatas” in the middle of Bangkok for

more than 16 years. Playing in the offensive area Not being safe But in fact Skating is a sport. It’s also an Olympic sport.

“And this skateboarding rink is the best gift. So happy … We are like street children. But now we have our own home. Thank you very much for building it here for us. ” Khun Key-Mr. Phakirin Tharachimkadi, representative from Trano Group.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Pongsakorn KhwanmuangGive an interview that “It’s the first thing about skateboarding, we grew up in the age, I knew it like playing games, playing games, Tony Hawk since childhood. We will know the skate. But skating for me I see it as a sport But the people who skate past Must go to play secretly For example, playing under an overpass Playing under a bridge or an area where it is not suitable Which I think sports Even the Olympics contain skating as a type of Olympic sport. So we thought we would do that for the Thai people who have many His life changed because of skating. For example, aunt who is in his 60s has cancer. He came to skate until he recovered from cancer or anyone else who went global. We also think about how to do these sports. Let it be a sport that is out of the shadows. But come in the right place Which I talked to many artists, one artist Let me name you Name Big Dale That he did art with me He said that the fact that skating is a very interesting sport. And it should do a rink I was fortunate to open a clip and found a clip of NEWS1. At that time there was Khun Key who he interviewed about skating. So I found a way to contact him. So I realized that there are many areas that are still suitable. And that he still plays secretly I did not secretly accept. But it is not suitable Play in the middle line, Chatuchak park area But can only be played during one p.m. to 9 p.m. Which it was already dark But there are a lot of people playing So we talked to what we want to do. That we would like to have an example skating area For many people to skate with each other more comfortably So we did a field right here that we are working on. To want to make it a field that it was the first in a state park And we also want activities like family to jogging. Waiting for skating tricks It is skating. It’s not a sport that people play badly. It’s not true, I skate. I play with the children Playing with the youth in the family, that is, they bring their children to play sports It’s a sport And we think that if it’s done right here We will push more people to skate. And then causing skating, perhaps in an inappropriate place Making it vulnerable to mingling Come in the right area And allow him to play sports to the full

Question: Where else is there a park area to build a skateboard rink?

Bangkok spokesperson Give an interview that “I don’t want to be limited to parks. Because it will have many areas such as areas under the expressway or other areas. Where it makes sense If we come to light it up, keep it safe Keeping it in sight And have a clear closing time I think these areas will also be taken. Which we will start at the garden first Because the garden is quite clear, everything is in a system with people to take care of, and a security guard to monitor. So we will start with the garden As at Wong Wian Yai, I was aware that there was a problem with the skating rink that was relatively safe and good. Which if I go to see If you think you can fix it, it will fix it better “

Question: When will the service be opened and for those who love skateboarding?

“We will be open for use Sunday. That is, we want people to use it. And continue when the asphalt is finished It will have a smooth area to be able to skate. But the problem is that we continue to decorate. Definitely available next week. But will continue to improve Because now we are trying to gather people with passion about skating to help each other by Bangkok to slope the asphalt. In the future To bring furniture such as Ramps down, we tried to talk to the private sector. Because many He is ready to support many. Activities for children to play I talked to Mr. Jak, who has borrowed money and built a skating rink for free. We have many people. People who are ready to support these activities But he had no chance without space. Which we think that if we take the private sector to help make children have a better future, they should do

Question: The feeling of the children having a skateboarding place for you, the spokesperson,

“Our kids play with them when they play. Here are two younger siblings who are the national youth teams who are very good at street skating. Which he had no space at all, he had to go secretly and when he learned that there was a skating rink For him, he is really happy because people who are able to play street skating have to go to training at the national team. But the path to the national team It must have sneaked first. But if we have a field like this, someone who is a beginner skateboarder who wants to try playing He will have the opportunity to develop skills. And when he is a national team He went to have a field. I think the children Everyone is happy. Last week this courtyard was finished There will be more ripple in society. “

“Leave the children who are still playing skateboarding Still secretly playing Today we have a suitable skating court at the railway park. There is quite a large courtyard where there are no instructors who can skate. No need to buy a board Come here Please come together at Suan Rod Fai Skating Rink, ”Police Lieutenant Colonel Pongsakorn Khwanmuang, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration spokesman Conclude

Mr. Phakirin Tharaj Imkadi, representative from Trano Group

Mr. Phakirin Tharachimkadi or “Key”, a representative from Trano Group, expressed his feelings that “after BMA came to support It is very fast. As we have only interviewed on the job day for a few months. Thanks to the media as well, it is a mouthpiece that allows us to speak out of what is on our mind. We feel that when we come today That day was not expected to really happen. It was a long way to reach, but at that day it was behind us and was very happy. It was a present to the siblings. That will happen this year. The year we encountered a crisis, bad events with the country And we got this stadium as a present for the children. From garbage that day On that day there will be gravel It will become a diamond that has been broken out in the future. Because the youth who are diamonds now is a lot And we will see that diamond grow together. “

Mr. Phakirintharach Give an interview that “This part of the field is not for our group in particular. This is everyone’s field. Anyone with a passion for sports in skateboarding. Anyone can come and play here. Whether you have or don’t have a skateboard, get in, even if you don’t have a skateboard. Here, there will be brothers and sisters who already have skateboards for you to try out. You may want to try to play first. Because skateboard, as I say, has a lot of details Various types Let’s play first Let’s take a look at what kind of things we like, whether it’s street dance, or not surfing. Then we will look at a skateboard that is better for yourself. If there is no board yet Let’s play first And after that we will have siblings who have knowledge of the board to support Recommend appropriate board knowledge In buying, no matter how much it is worth, no money, we can take care of all the children here and we will have activities continuously To support children for those who do not have the opportunity to have a skateboard to play. We also try to do support activities here for you. “

“This field is only viewed as a starting point. This one is something I don’t think it will be or not. We want it to be a landmark of Asia. Be it children, teenagers, adults, old people or even foreigners When you arrive in Thailand Everyone has to ask for a skating rink in Bangkok. Then will come here We want it to be like Asia’s skate park. I want it to be like that, ”said Phakirin Tharach.

Mr. Phakirin Tharach said, “Once this stadium is finished, it is like a present for the youth to the youngsters after we have no playing area. We are like street children. But now we have our own home From the person here From the people who touched it in this group of youngsters, they felt the warmth that he was very happy. Where he has got his area He did not hit them very good at creating this to us, “

” I want to thank the authorities Bangkok to hear a little voice in our small group who probably will not have anything in it. But he could see here Where to see him, he can make dreams for the youngsters. What brought today I am grateful. Not so right Because what you do is not worth it. It’s a simple thing, you make merit with the youth and children, ”said Phakirin Tharach.

Mr. Phakirin Tharaj Imkadi concluded that “For people interested in skateboarding Don’t be afraid of it. Let’s try to see. We are not a bad group. Everyone is a very cute kid. Let’s trade with each other. Let’s stay in the skate society. Try to open your heart to him one more time. I think it will be another purpose in your life. That you will be happy in that life period “

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