The Lao government warns people not to fall cards. Prevention of COVID Ripple 2

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Xinhua – The Lao Ministry of Public Health emphasizes the need to continue to vigilant surveillance and implement strict preventive measures to avoid the COVID-19 outbreak 2

Deputy Director-General of the Department of Communicable Disease Control. Lao Ministry of Health Said in a press conference in Vientiane in the middle of the week that People across the country should strive to continue to implement preventive measures to prevent the second wave of COVID-19 outbreaks, and it is imperative that all citizens and all stakeholders comply with the New-Normative approach and regulatory regulations. health prescribed by the government

of the Lao government continues to closely monitor those entering the country. It is imperative that all travel documents are in place and must have all body temperature checks

Which belonged to the King during the year 1936-1937, one of the issues that are still worth following in order to find the truth further is the wealth of Khun Nirandonchai, one of the promoters in the military party. Land to change the rule on 24 June 2475 is really related to the property of the king. 

Especially When it appeared in the news from 2018 onwards that a lawsuit was filed to divide the legacy of the “eternal” family with part of the legacy of “Khun Nirundornchai”Former member of the rulership change on 24 June 1932, the Army line of the People’s Party and has continued to invest until it is a land in the center of Bangkok such as Sathorn Road, Charoen Krung Road, Chidlom Road, Ploenchit Road, Wireless Road. , as well as land in Bang Lamphu district. Hua Lamphong, Mahanak district, etc., totaling up to 90 plots, with an estimated value of not less than 40,000 million baht [1] – [3],

although in fact both the questioning of Mr. Liang Chaikarn, a member of the Ubon Ratchathani House of Representatives. And a general discussion led by Mr Tai Panikbutr, member of the Phranakhon Province House of Representatives on July 27, 1937, will not be mentioned. “Khun Nirandornchai”[4] – [8] but no one can confirm that the list of people who buy the land of Phra Treasury has anyone else or not?

Because the events of the questionnaire and discussion on July 27, 2480, the “time limit” is the only event that occurred between July 1 to 20, 1937, and the allusion. “Limited to some individuals” only as well. In particular, the posts and general discussions on the day of Colonel Phraya Phahon Phahonpayuhasena, Prime Minister, admitted that “The land was transferred before July 1, 1937” [7], [8]

as well. Still no one knows that “After July 20, 1937,”there will be an event to transfer the land or use the Crown Property to benefit people in the government under the leadership of the People’s Party. Is it more than this?
Especially when reporting forum comments. “Ruean Thai Academic Com” has disclosed information, which has to be examined whether there is truth or not. Is the title document “Accounts for buying and selling some land Which is the Crown Property, including 40 cases”, which stated that as a result of the debate of the opposition on the land purchase of the royal treasury until the cause Colonel Phraya Phahol Pholphayuhasena Having to resign even though you do not know and disagreeIs still a thorn that pierces your heart Heir of Phraya Phahon Phahon Has brought the aforementioned information together with the royal cremation ceremony book Phraya Phahon Pholpayuhasena at Benemphit Temple, April 17, 1947 [9]

“Accounts for buying and selling some land Which is the Crown Property, total of 40 “ As stated above Has alluded a total of 40 people in that mahout In addition to the list being consistent with the questioning and discussion on 27 July 1937 at least. There was also more to the list than what appeared in the 27 July 1937 threads and discussions.

Especially interesting names in the document “Accounts for buying and selling some land Which is the Crown Property, including 40 cases “, namely No. 36. Sold to Lt. Khun Nirandornchai (Sawak Neelanchai) , No. 37. Sold to Lieutenant Colonel Khun Nirundornchai (Sawakani Lanchai), No. 39. Sold to Colonel Luang Pibulsongkram, No. 40. Buy from Phra Worawong, Her Royal Highness Athid Thip-arpa [9]

for the royal family Her Royal Highness Athitip-Arapa He was one of the regents of His Majesty King Ananda Mahidol, Rama VIII, who was young and lived abroad by appointing the regent at that time.Must be approved by the House of Representatives Half of which are members of the House of Representatives, type 2 (from only one group)

, before the royal family her Royal Highness Athidiparapa To gain the trust of the House of Representatives to become the regent, it was found that while holding the position of the governor of Nakhon Pathom Province was praised by Phraya Phahon Pholpayuhasena on the change of government 24 June 2019 2475 with the

history of the Royal Family Her Royal Highness Athitip-Arapa In the memorial book Cremation ceremony Lord. Worawong She His Majesty Athid Thip-arpa on June 8, 1946 described a part as follows:

for the beneficial relationship ofColonel Pibulsongkramand Khun Nirundornchai, it is worth considering trading. “Land prices Privy Purse,”which is“a private place Chitralada Palace,”that there is a difference, however,
byColonel Luang Phibulsongkram. While in the position of Minister of DefenseAfter the government had been discussing the parade to buy the land on the side on 27 July 1937, Colonel Luang Pibulsongkram Has submitted a letter of resignation from the Minister of Defense following the resignation of Colonel Phraya Phahon Pholpayuhasena, Prime Ministerby Colonel Luang Pibulsongkram Has accepted to write a newspaper clarification letter supporting the reasons for the resignation of the Minister of Defense on 28 July 2017 1937 that when the year In 1936, there was a suggestion to buy the land in front of the Chitralada Palace for “Build a private house “,although buying land from the real treasury, but sold the land back because it did not want the hassle of expelling the people and the demolition of the building. [7] for the analysis points from that announcement on “land prices”In one episode, it appears that:

“I agreed to buy 2 rai for 4,000 baht per rai for 8,000 baht, the monk’s bank managed to transfer that land to me around January 2018. 2480 “ [7]

While the eternal constitution of the successor ” titled Eternal Victory “ was never interviewed them in the economic base, through Thaiproperty on. February 2, 2019. 2008, part one commented:

“I accept that there is quite a lot of land accumulated. The land is in the middle of the city. 90 plots, part of which is a legacy from Khun Nirundornchai. Which in the past was the secretary in the reign of King Ananda Mahidol or King Rama VIII

, the important plot of land is the land opposite in front of Suan Chitralada Palace, which The original reign 8 granting an area of ​​approximately 1 raiLater there was an additional purchase of the joint 6-7 plot approximately Over 10 rai, bought at a price of 4 baht per square wah, while in front of the palace was bought at a price of 2.50 baht, which in the past was a. vegetable garden. 250,000 baht per square wah because it can only build tall buildings 4 floors only. ” [11] If it is true, there are things to observe as follows

First of all,” Khun Nirandornchai “ bought land in front of Chitralada Palace at the price of 2.50 baht per square wa, thus equal to 1,000 baht per rai, which was “75 percent lower” compared to the same palace price that “Colonel Luang Phibulsongkram.” Minister of DefenseHad bought it in January 1937 at a price of 4,000 baht per rai.

Second, Khun Nirundornchai bought land in the “Na Wang” area. At a price cheaper than buying an additional 62.5 percent of the area, from the price of the front of the palace 2.50 baht per square wah (1,000 baht per rai) to buy additional space, 4 baht per square wah (1,600 baht per rai)

. Third, according to Mr. Thammanoon Nirundorn Claiming that the King Rama VIII gave an area of ​​1 rai to “Khun Nirandornchai” that when investigating the fact that Khun Nirundornchai resigned from the royal secretary in His Majesty the King before His Majesty Ananda Mahidol. . Rama VIII will become sui.And before His Majesty King Ananda Mahidol, King Rama VIII returned to Thailand as well,

so Khun Nirundornchai Became a government official in the Royal Secretariat of “The Board of Regents only” Therefore, it is suspicious that the acquisition of land at that time came from whom during Received by His Majesty King Ananda Mahidol, Rama VIII or from a group of regents

For the relationship between “Khun Nirandornchai” and “Colonel Pibulsongkram” can be noticed from the writing of the text of Field Marshal P. Pibulsongkram and Khunying Nhaphibulsongkram , to respect and mourn to Major Sawaknirundornin the lecture on Jit As a tribute to the cremation ceremony, Major Sawak Nirandorn at the Meru of Wat Phra Si Mahathat on May 22, 1956 stated that government assistance and “personal” in part were stated:

“My family And the family of the deceased Have a close connection like a close kin Have helped each other Both in government and Consistent with the private “[12]

The major of the abyss of eternity or ” Khun Chai Eternity “ is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Swan was born on iridescent. 26 November 2019 The original name was “Neelanchai” and later received a new surname called“Eternal” as a member of the junior army group, Chom Phon P. [13]

before the change of government on June 24, 1932. Lieutenant Khun Nirundornchai, age 31 years and 7 months, joined the artillery school department And later promoted to the rank of captain on April 1, 1933 [13]

later on July 1, 1934 , Captain Khun Nirundornchai To be an officer outside the Army Division, as a reserve soldier, without a provincial allowance to become “Secretary of the Prime Minister” by Cabinet Resolution [13]

On March 2, 1935, King Prajadhipok abdicated because of the monopoly power of the establishment of the House of Representatives of the type that2 He was with only a handful of the mob and did not assume any one of his princes as heirs.

That same day, the Cabinet, with the approval of the House of Representatives, invited Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. King Ananda Mahidol Which is the first royal family in the royal order of the royal family according to the royal law of succession AD 2467 [14] ascended to the throne as His Majesty King Ananda Mahidol Continue his succession since March 2, 1935 [15]

But since King Ananda Mahidol Rama VIII has only 9 years of age, the government with the approval of the House of Representatives.(Which has the second type of House of Representatives, which has half of the House of Representatives) as not yet sui juris, [14] therefore appointed the Regent on March 7, 1935 [15], [16]

And this is a major turning point of the way of life of Captain Khun Nirundornchai A junior Army officer in the Army delegation, who was close to Colonel Luang Pibulsongkram, who was then the Minister of Defense at that time from the government, was placed to cross over to power in. coordination with the regime His Majesty’s Service

On August 1, 1935 , Captain Khun Nirundornchai was an assistant. The secretary in him [13]

1 March 1937 Act Organize monarchy assets in 1936,which have been prepared since the year. 1936, passed the House of Representatives approval in March 1937

14 June 1937 Act Organize monarchy assets in 1936, which have been prepared since the year. 1936 “Enacted” but has not yet come into force because it waits to be published in the Government Gazette.

The law is prepared to transfer the property of the King. Office of the Treasury next to Transferred to the Office of the Crown Property With the Ministry of Finance supervising (Phraya Chaiyosombat or Serm Krishnamra is the Minister of Finance)
by Section 5 Act Organize monarchy assets, 1936.An advisory committee is appointed by the Minister of Finance as the chairman and members. 4 people by royal patronage (At that time it was the power of the Board of Regents),

but the Crown Property as defined in Section 7 Act Organize the assets of the monarchy in 1936 that the transfer and distribution can be made by the Royal Patronage. (At that time it was the power of the board of regents) for the public interest. Or for the benefit of the crown property

act Organize monarchy assets in 1936 as a draft that has been prepared since 1936, so many people know that such law was promulgated in 1937, so they began to buy the land of the treasury beside that Of the King from 1936 until the beginning of 1937

Until it is clear that the enactment has been completed since June 14, 1937 as well, then there is a “rush to buy” the land of the treasury at a cheap price “Ching cuts” before being published in the Government Gazette on July 19. 1937,

14 June to 19 July 1937, before publishing in the Government Gazette, a large share of the land for sale to the Minister, Member of the House of Representatives of the type2, civil servants, government officials in the regents, government officials. in the Bureau of the Royal Household, the land price committee, the treasury, and the networks of the promoters in the civil committee, who buy land at a low price.

19 July 1937 Act Organize monarchy assets, 1936, published in the Government Gazette.After selling a large amount of land to the monk’s treasury on

27 July 1937, the history of Liang Chaikan, Member of the Ubon Ratchathani House of Representatives, and a non-voting general debate led by Mr Tai Panikbutr, Member of the Phranakhon District House of Representatives on the transfer of the King’s assets into a large number of private property to the government and Vassal from 1 to 20 July 1937 [4] – [8]

after the scandal 7 months

on 1 February 1938, Captain Khun Nirundornchai Was promoted to “royal secretary in His Majesty” and on June 18, 1938, Captain Sawik Nirundorn was given the rank of military commissioner as major [13]

in November 1938, major Khun NirundornchaiHe is an adviser to organize the Crown Property [13] and therefore contributes more to the decisions of the monarchy than ever before.

On December 16, 1938, Field Marshal P.Pibulsongkram became Prime Minister. Instead of Phraya Phahon Phahon Phahon, who had resigned on 11 September 2019 1938 and the end of political role.

On December 16, 1941, the House of Representatives passed a resolution approving Mr. Pridi Banomyong to be one of the regent for commander of Chao Phraya Yommarat, who passed away. [17] And as a result, Mr. Pridi Banomyong was removed from the political position that was in conflict with the Japanese standpoint of the government of Field Marshal P. Pibulsongkram

on December 9, 1943, Major Khun Nirundornchai. People’s Committee to trust Appointed as a member of the House of Representatives Category 2

At the end of July 1944, Chom Phon P. Pibulsongkram submitted a letter of resignation from the position of Prime Minister.After losing 48 votes in the House of Representatives, 36 votes in requesting approval for the Royal Decree to organize the administration of the Phetchabun Metropolitan Administration, BE 1944 on 20 July 2017 1944 and lost 43 votes in the House of Representatives, 41 votes in request. for approval 1944 on 22 July 2017 2487

, 31 July 1944 Lord Athitthip-arpa He resigned from the position of Chairperson and the Committee of Regents [18], [19] because he did not want to certify Mr. Khuang Apaiwong as Prime Minister instead. of Chom Phon Por. And may cause Japan to intervene until damage to the nation.

On August 1, 1944, Mr. Pridi Banomyong,with the approval of the parliament, to be the only regent. [18] Mr. Khuang Apaiwong He was the Prime Minister instead of Chom Phon P. Pibulsongkram, with Mr. Pridi Banomyong as the only regent

Resigned from the position of secretary in the king [13] After Chom Phon Por. And Lord Worawong She Lord Athitthip-arpa Resigned from the position of Chairman and the Committee of Regent

Including the period that Chom Phon P. was in the prime minister Between 16 December 1938 to 1 August 1944 was 5 years 228 days by that time Khun Nirundornchai. As “His secretary,” and the Adviser to organize the crown property

The question is, in this situation, what is the relationship between Chom Phon P.Pibulsongkram , Prime Minister,Khun Nirundornchai The royal secretary in the King and Lord Worawong She Lord Athitthip-arpa President and the Committee of Regents That there is trust It contributes to the benefit or power or not?

The answer can be obtained from the event. Lord Worawong She Lord Athitthip-arpa To the war criminals court In the case that Chom Phon P. Pibulsongkram and the group were the defendants After Japan lost the world war on October 19, 1945, part one said,

“When the Chom Phon Por. Led the resignation or the release of that title. Khun Nirundornchai Have come to tell me that Will have a new title Somdej Chao Phraya Chai Somdej Chao Phraya Ying Mai and Khun Nirundornchai Was appointed as a director

In which the person with the belt Nopparat will be the Prince Chao Phraya Chao who has the only Chom Phon P.S. who got that belt When Somdej Chao Phraya Chai was established His wife was also Queen Chao Phraya Ying.

And in that year there were many requests for royal belts The wives of the civil servants were enacted as well. Which I saw that in the history of the Thai nation The men’s belts were never given. And giving many women badges to like this Until I, who held the spatula, fainted

I feel that the Field Marshal has acted to be the King of the Kingdom. And the wife of Chom Phon P. also has the same ambition, such as showing pictures in the cinema To have a person to respect it with force

In making merit, birthdays were made as imitation of the age of the King, for example, with a chicken seal spreading its wings to decorate the bunting. Likewise, the Garuda badge. Or an abbreviated royal seal And has created a call like the chair of the earth god Except using the chicken brand with wings instead of Garuda only

In addition, the cosmetics of the King and the Queen have been used without my approval. Which I insist that Khun Nirundornchai brought it to use I used to request to change Khun Nirundornchai. But the Marshal refused Who requested to change because Khun Nirundornchai was not a trusted person …

When Chom Phon Por was Prime Minister There have been many requests for royal money. Requesting to be a child’s scholarship Request to be funded by the promoters to spend And ask for privacy In this royal order Didn’t order willingly If it is with Khun Nirundorn Let’s speak like a kind of intimidation and coercion. ” [20]

AfterKhun Nirundornchai has resigned from the position of secretary in the King. Became a full-fledged businessman There are many investments in joint ventures between the public and private sectors. Until it became a tremendous legacy of the “eternal” familyWho are having lawsuits against each other today

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