“Thammanat” Yan Hom Mali Phayao sold up to 13.63 baht per kg.

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Phayao – “Thammanat Commander – Deputy Minister of Agriculture” insists that the prices of Phayao jasmine rice are not falling. Saying last year, the private sector was asked to join the “Phayao Model” to push the price of raw rice at 13.50 baht per kilogram, but this year the government insurance was able to sell up to 13.63 baht / kg and prepare to help pay for another 500 baht per rai.

Today (27 Nov) Captain Thammanat Prompao, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Revealed after visiting the area to monitor the problem of water sources, Dok Kham Tai District, Phayao Province, that the rice price problem that the farmer said was the slump It is a misunderstanding and misleading information.

Since in the past year he has implemented the Phayao Model Project. By pulling the private sector to buy rice from farmers Farmers can sell dry rice at 18,000 baht per ton. If it is raw rice, the average price is 13.50 baht per kilogram, but this year it does not rely on private companies. But want the government by public organizations, known as the STO, to become a middleman to intervene in the price of rice.

But it appears that the MOF borrows money from BAAC, not in time for the harvesting season during this Therefore coordinating the relevant agencies to bring government measures to help and remedy Including measures to guarantee the price of rice Jasmine rice this year And measures to improve product development or measures at 500 baht per rai,

which will allow farmers to sell raw rice about 13.63 baht per kilogram, compared with the Phayao model already The price is not much different, and the government is currently discussing to help the harvest cost another 500 baht. per rai, it will allow farmers to increase a further baht.

“In conclusion, raw riceWill sell for about 14-15 baht, which is a better price than the Phayao model project as well Therefore, the Phayao Model Project is compared with the measures currently assisted by the government. Will see that the government is able to help better “

But the farmers do not understand that the price of rice this year is down. Is at 9.50-10.50 baht per kilogram, therefore there is an accident in the area of ​​Dok Kham Tai District 2-3 days ago Which is a strain of the farmers He understood that he could sell rice for around 9.50 – 10.50 baht per kilogram, but the fact was not. Because after how much rice farmers have sold Add about 3-5 days, the BAAC will transfer the difference into the account until 13.69 baht, this is what the government takes care of this measure. But the publicity that is not good Therefore had the provincial agriculture report through to the agricultural district To notify the farmers in all 9 districts of Phayao Province That the government has helped like this

While farmers in the area of ​​Tha Wang Thong Subdistrict, Mueang Phayao District, indicate that the tragedy occurred Probably because farmers saw that the purchase price of rice was too suppressed. In particular, rice merchants often use their senses to measure moisture and impurities such as weeds. Including the firmness of the rice grain determines the price. Causing the price of rice that farmers receive Up to the inspector Even if there is a bad use of words There is an opportunity to make people who sell rice to become angry and the story escalates as well.

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