“Marsh” is broken hearted no more, my mother’s complaint Get worried about the wife Last order!

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“Marsh” trembling voice and tears in her mother fought cancer for 6 years happily. Think about the complaint of the mother who used to be bored. At the last minute, I just heard the sound of my name calling back. Receive mother worried about wife Contract to fulfill the order

Heart breaking for the end of the year For the teenage actor “Marsh Jutawut Phatkampon” who lost her mother from cancer By this evening (November 27), Marsh opened his heart to the media about the loss at Wat That Thong Sala 26 by the trembling sound. I told my mom a long way and happily fought 6 years of cancer

“Thank you very much. Thank you for all your support. Mama and we fought for a long time. For cancer that Mom is It’s been about 6 years, actually, it has come a long way for this disease that the doctor told me for this case, he was encouraging and fighting until today We saw it as a childhood miracle that I knew at the time, like the world had collapsed. And do not gradually learn, recognize this disease, come live with it, tell your mother to fight Until today

If anyone is around and near your mother Will hardly know that Mama is sick Except when he was in chemo, his hair had fallen before that, he had no pain and pain, he was happy with cancer. With the fact that he is in a good mood too and he fights A fighting spirit for the children I want to be with my children. ”

One week before I suffered back pain, yellow eyes, had to take him to the hospital.
” Yes.In the last week I had the opportunity to eat with Mom. Then felt that when he spoke, he was tired, his eyes were a little yellow Therefore took him to the hospital Better to check. The result was not good until today. ”

Ordered already There are some things that still concern themselves.
“Asked if I ordered it or not, yes. Yes. We talked and talked in real way. Ma Ma told us directly. And including before Mama got a disease Tried to do everything for mama already I have felt our best efforts all the time. If asked if I want to have this much time, we want to have it, but there is no one to resist, with symptoms,

he is still really worried. He also has some concerns. But he has already deposited And then I promise,

yes.One of them is also about the daughter-in-law of Ma. Actually, Ma, he is already wanting to have grandchildren. Already love children We also promise And he entrusted it to the people around Lets see more But we accepted him, but at that time we didn’t want it to be sad. When Mama spoke, we joked at him. ”

My father was sad for half his life.
“Father is sad. It’s like people have been together for a long time. Since the new flirting Stay until now It’s more than half my life. It’s fine. I’ll take care of my dad. I will be encouraging my father. ”I

am sad, I know slowly, please don’t neglect your parents’ health. Know early So that they can overcome it quickly
“I have spoken to Mama all this time, but really, let me mention everyone’s parents. I think that for Ma’s disease. For me, it is slow.I was young at that time. Then Ma, he examined it a little late. I feel that the health check Caring for close adults It’s important If the grandchildren know how to take it Some of you may not want to go to the hospital. But we should not ignore it. We take you to check Said that the course has been reserved, anything.

I think it is better that we know from that day. Maybe we’ll overcome it faster too. Is worried when my friends come to visit friends I try to tell you to take them to check and take good care of them like … spend a lot of time with them. It is very important Is that Mama also complains about me We would not want to hear and do not want to listen, but at the end of the day, just when Mom called my name (shaking sound), I was very happy. And take good care of you Your health is very important. The more you get older, the more worrisome ”

My mind improved after losing zero.
“Better. I honestly admit that I lost my balance because Mama is like a driving force in my life from childhood to working age. Mama has taken care of me every step of the way, every success in life. Well, I would never have this day without Mama. If asked if it is missing anything, it is already very lacking, but I still consider it fortunate to have a lot of lovely people around me and support me. He gave me love He supported me on the day I fell. Thanks to all of them who have helped me until today. ”

From now on, I will take care of my father even more.
“ Actually, my brother and I are already doing it. Since before you decided that your parents would stop working And we will take care of ourselves It will continue to be like that. We give Father more time. The prayer ceremony will have 3 days. This Sunday is burned. It is the intention of the family that makes decisions together. “

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