In addition, merchants can continue to participate in the program through registration. And install a “money bag” application, hoping to have over 1 million merchants participating in the program by the end of the year. To support the project for each half Phase 2, which is expected to receive project approval within December To begin to open to the public to register And exercised in January 2021,
Mr. Anucha said that as buyers and sellers become more and more familiar with the use of the application, And understand how to use that it is not difficult to use as previously concerned Thus making sure Each half of the Phase 2 project will receive a constant good response from the public.


However Please be warned to be careful about wrongdoing. This is because the Ministry of Finance and Krung Thai Bank monitor and investigate unusual behavior or transactions. By suspending the right to use the “money bag” application and continually suspend payments to merchants who have behaved in violation of the rules or conditions of the project.

In addition, evidence of crime has been transmitted to the Economic Crime Suppression Division (NESDB) and the Royal Thai Police for use in the investigation and prosecution of relevant laws. Therefore requesting cooperation with people and merchants to comply with the criteria and conditions of the project And do not be fooled by the advertising through various channels that violate the conditions without spending on the actual purchase. It may be the victim in encouraging the commission of an offense, which is punishable by applicable law.