November 27, 2563 sites Gazette published the announcement of the Prime Minister of the Royal Yeomanry Territorial rank of that edict. Her Majesty graciously bestowed the rank of the Territorial Volunteer Division
for the year 2019 to the commander Territorial Guard Staff And 1,628 persons who have benefited to the Territorial Defense Division as follows:

1. That Mr. Kong Ek Kittipong Sukphakkul is the first sergeant.

2. That Mr. General Jane Jet Jennavin is the first sergeant

3. That Mr. Ekachchokchai Khamhaeng is a captain

4. That Mr. Ekchanok Makphan was the first sergeant.

5. That Mr. Kong Ek Chavanin Vongsatitjirakal is the first general.


6. That Mr. Kong-Ek Chaiyawat Junthiraphong is Mr.

7. That Mr. Kong-Ek Nat Krit Sitthi-Osot is a general.

8. That Mr.Kong-Ek Naris Niramaiwong is Mr.

9. That Mr. Kong Ek Niwet Harnsmuth was the first sergeant

10. That Mr. Akkaprateep Mitri is a master.

11. That the General Prachaya Unphetwarakorn was Mr.

12. That Mr.Kong Preecha Chanakitkamjorn is the first sergeant

13. That Mr.Kong Preecha Thongkam is a captain.

14. That Mr. Ekapot Ruworanan was the first sergeant.

15. That Mr. Kong Ekaphan Thepsaokosol is a master.

16. That Mr.Puttakrit Kongpan was the first sergeant.

17. That Mr.

18. That Mr. Kong Ekphopchanok Chalanukroh is the captain

19. That Mr. Rattapon Naradisorn is the sergeant.

20. That Mr.